Understanding Qualification

RCH London believes in transformative education. We design and award creative qualifications for medical and healthcare graduates that empower and inspire educators to help students reach their potential.

We are also the UK’s largest innovative provider of the Medical Diploma qualification. Our qualifications have high retention and achievement rates because they are flexible, responsive and relevant to industry needs, and facilitate student progression.

We offer a wide range of qualifications that are developed at different levels and areas to meet the needs of employers, learners, training providers, further and higher education institutes. Our curriculums deal with issues, complexities and challenges to meet current international job market requirements and enable graduates to become innovative, entrepreneurial and leaders in the healthcare sectors.

Our qualifications also lead to courses offered by various Universities. Learners may wish to enhance their career prospects by studying our qualifications and afterwards follow a fast-track university route to achieve a postgraduate university degree. Either way we support and help our stakeholders to reach their goals.