A New Era for Medical Professionals
The role of the medical professionals and scientists has expanded and with it the need for a team of well-trained, competent and caring professionals; this, in turn, has placed a great demand on students, colleges and practices. RCH aims to make training and professional development more accessible and an integral part of medical practice. Training the next generation not only benefits the individuals and the practices, but is essential for the future success of the profession as a whole and ultimately for peoples welfare.
Research Council of Health accomplishes its mission through customer focus, continuous improvement and teamwork:

to awaken the potential of each student, offering multiple pathways for learning what is important to know and to do — giving coherence and meaning to the total educational experience

to aggressively pursue the most current technologies while maintaining a nurturing atmosphere which appreciates the value of every individual

to be a catalyst for community service — removing barriers, creating linkages, building relationships and integrating resources to enhance the quality of life

to be a leader and a mindful steward in the health care sectors

to prepare learners to work in a diverse global village
As defined in our institutional goals Research College of Health will:

Provide excellence in learning and teaching for transfer, career education and literacy development in an accessible format.

Provide comprehensive and effective services to enrol students and support their success.

Strengthen student understanding of career pathways leading to success in career and academic planning.

Generate support for students, faculty, staff and programs from internal and external sources.

Enhance its positive image throughout - and beyond - our service area.

Provide engaged leadership in workforce and economic development.

Identify, acquire and maintain resources to support the vision, mission and goals of the organisation.

Attract and retain quality employees and provide for their professional development.

Provide the services, programs and infrastructure to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.