Core Values
Committed to excellence, Research Council of Health embraces the following five core values:

Research Council of Health creates a community of learners who integrate teaching, scholarship, and learning into their lives. In order to create challenging, relevant experiences, inside and outside of the classroom, the organisation continually evaluates and assesses student learning. We recognize and accommodate diverse learning styles and perspectives necessary for global understanding.
Research Council of Health fosters environments in which students, faculty, staff, and members of the community engage with each other to form mutually beneficial relationships. We believe that meaningful engagement, with ideas and with people, promotes deep learning and nurtures critical thought.
Research Council of Health strives for an environment of honesty and fairness in its actions. We seek input from students, faculty, and staff and make informed and objective decisions. We expect all members of the community to act in accordance with this value.
Research Council of Health provides services to all qualified students. Our staff and faculty are available to students and are committed to respecting and meeting individual needs. Our governance and budgeting structures reflect our commitment to transparent processes and public access to information.
Research Council of Health comprises a community that includes students, faculty, staff, alumni, and involved citizens. We meet the needs of this community through assessment, development, and implementation of innovative programs and initiatives. We strive to create a safe environment based on mutual respect and acceptance of differences.